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Paul Williams - Santa Pod
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Paul Williams

Santa Pod


Released: 15th November 1999 | 25 track industrial metal album

RAW POWER '?' SONIC BOOM '?' EARS BLEED!!! PLAY LOUD - DO NOT MISTAKE THIS COMPACT DISC FOR A MUSICAL PRODUCT! 'Alot is good, but too much is just enough' (Old Hot-Rodders saying) 1999 marks the 50th year of drag racing, after the first official meeting was held in 1949 on the streets of Goleta in California. Then, the quarter of a mile course took 11 seconds with the vehicles travelling at over 150 mph. Now, they race at over 300 mph, taking just 4.5 seconds. The vehicles are completely purpose-built and represent the extreme fringe of non-commercially motivated technological research Santa Pod Raceway was started in 1966 on the site of an old American airbase. It is the home of European Drag Racing and host to the FIA European Drag Racing Championships. Drag racing is the fastest and loudest motorsport on Earth with sensational race action from dragsters and door-slammers to beetles and bikes. See 0-100mph in under 1 second and make your ribs rattle, your brain shake and your ears roar! This CD captures all the thrills and spills of Drag Car Racing - an activity at the cutting edge of technology. For fans and audio buffs alike, use this CD to recreate the awesome power in your own living room, or frighten the daylights out of the dancefloor by using this as a DJ tool. Monster! Monster! All recordings by Paul Williams and all photographs by Jeremy Larkin @ SANTA POD, Podington, England on May 29, 31 & July 3 1999 Mastered by Denis Blackham @ Country Masters, Frimley, England on July 26 1999'