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Ocsid - Opening Sweep
CD Album
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Opening Sweep


Released: 5th February 2001 | 1 track single
OCSID are: CM von Hausswolff [Phauss/KREV] Edvard Graham Lewis [Wire/Wir/Dome/He Said] Jean Louis Huhta [Lucky People Center] CM von Hausswolff [Ash 2.6CD2, Ash 3.7], Edvard Graham Lewis [Ash 1.8CD2, Ash 2.6CD2, Ash 3.9] and for the first time on the label, Jean-Louis Huhta combine for their second Ocsid CD*, Opening Sweep. Opening Sweep was recorded at L-O-K, a club in Munich, Bavaria, on the 12th November 1999.Ocsid started performing before the audience arrived: and finished as the floors were being swept (2200 - 0330). Opening Sweep is the first 75.04 experienced by five dogs and a man. It took a year before Ash received the MD master, as they are all exceptionally busy people; Graham took part in the reformation of Wire and subsequent tour; CM exhibited and performed around the world; Jean-Louis started a family whilst continuing to record and play. Discussions as to whether the master should be altered in any way...or not...were intense yet wasn't...this is it... They all live in Sweden. [Because of global warming, the bears in Stockholm Zoo can't hibernate, so their cages have to be refrigerated.] The CD was then mastered by Denis Blackham onto exabyte digital tape at Country Masters...'
"Just want to get on the outside... I was dreaming... ##### I began to lose control... I was feeling insecure... Cheeky sample checklist - Wir He Said John Lennon Lennon's loss of control could be seen as the ultimate representaion of the hopelessness of the hapless 20th century rock star. During the final years of his life Lennon, who had always sung of freeing the mind, was utterly confined and alienated by his massive popularity. >>>>>You've overstepped the mark! Cut up officious German voice, zooms in and out of focus, and echoes incoherently about in vast grey chambers, ordering the mashing of all brass bands by giant rotor blades. But the brass bands are irrepressible and parp from beyond the grave. Their bodies were gone, but their art lingered on. They cannot mash us all. Frozen gun shot beats decelerated to 3 rpm, energy sucked into circuit boards and blasted out in terror or joy? Is that 'Casino Royale' in your kitchen? >>>>>You've overstepped the mark! Technology as a means of control, tracking, scanning, spying or as the liberator of humans from their present lamentable condition. The internet has been called a great equaliser, but perhaps the atom bomb is more so. Closed circuit TV crackle - On screen: Ocsid presenting technology as a step or series of steps leading either up or down? Or are they just leading? Fractured Radio broadcasts hijacked and ruptured... 'Ominous' replaces 'Edvard' as his name on days like these! >>>>>You've overstepped the mark! Massive solitary pulses, drones, hums, machines taking over? Over what? Late Throbbing Gristle into Coil - elph and beyond. It's sinister but sometimes once is not enough! Glitches twitch... The spur of 'In Esse'? Improvisation? It can't be the theme from 'Countdown' can it? >>>>>You've overstepped the mark! It could be considered post-industrial even though that's too much of a defining cliche for sound sculpture as unique and unsettling as this. >>>>>>>>>>>Security Breach<<<<<<<<<<< is a perfect soundtrack to atrophy and decay of control, starting with the oppressive bleak atmospheres of surveillance and latterly piling up apocalyptic noise collages which collapse into escape pod techno beats. Ultimately, is defining shapes for protest music in the 21st century - disco in reverse indeed... Just want to get on the outside... Just want to get on the outside... Just want to get on the outside..."
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