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Various Artists - FREQ OUT (0-FHZ)
CD Album
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Various Artists



Released: 16th February 2004 | 12 track album
here's the story... What A sound installation consisting of 12 individual audio works which are presented as a single piece Where Any large self-contained space will work. The first event took place at Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark, in June 2003. Who Encouraged by d!sturbances, Swedish artist and curator C M von Hausswolff assembled a collection of 13 artists representing the elite of international sound art. The group consist of sound artists, architects, composers, producers, sculptors, mathematicians and visual artists. The installation was part of a larger event taking place at the Royal Danish Theatre and Charlottenborg in Copenhagen. How Each player is assigned a frequency range to work with. This process is carried out in situ, each player using a workstation consisting of mixing desk and PA system. All the resulting sounds are then mixed together in the space provided to create a sound installation. Why The project reveals how space-specific certain frequencies can be, but also how other sounds can be separated from their source and 'thrown' around the space. It also shows how sound 'fits' (or not) into the space provided by exploring the complexities of frequencies and their inter-action. The final mix not only reveals the innate properties of the frequency ranges, but also the possibilities when they are combined. The result is a lively and accessible sound-filled space which can be approached either as a traditional installation, or as a theme park of sound - fun for all the family and serious students alike. See below for information on the first d!sturbances, in Copenhagen, June 2003.'