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Leif Elggren, Per Jonsson & Kent Tankred - UGN / MAT
CD Album
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Leif Elggren, Per Jonsson & Kent Tankred



Released: 2nd August 2010 | 3 track experimental album
To celebrate the Swedish artist and composer Leif Elggren and a retrospective exhibition at Fargfabriken, Stockholm, Flown Over by an Old King, Ash International R.I.P. has released a CD. The intensity of the recording reflects that of the activity on stage. It also is a metaphor for the integrity with which Leif has pursued his career without damage to his originality, spirit and sense of humour - dark and offbeat, but never losing sight of the fun. His other releases, usually as part of the Firework stable, include the book Experiments with Dreams [every toilet should have one so you can laugh and crap at the same time] and one of the finest CDs ever recorded, Talking to a Dead Queen [1996]. For Ash he contributed to Antitrade [1999], and co-authored The National Anthem of Elgaland-Vargaland [Ash 3.3, 1996] with CM von Hausswolff.