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Afrodisiac Soundsystem - AFROHEAT VOL.4
12" Vinyl
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Afrodisiac Soundsystem


Released: 27th February 2006 | 4 track ep
Los Angeles locals Jed, DJ Haul and Mason (Afrodisiac Sound System) are at it again with one of their strongest offerings to date, the highly anticipated Afroheat #4. For those unfamiliar with the Afroheat records, they are essentially DJ-friendly club mashup style remixes that blend the organic sounds of West African funk with the dancefloor staples of classic disco, hip-hop and beyond. This installment in the series promises to be one of the most sought after with tracks featuring: Melli Mel vs. The Gaytones (The Message), Rayvon (ragga MC) vs. Fela, Dimples D vs. Lakeside's Fantastic Voyage, and Gwen Guthrie vs. Tony Allen. Rest assured there is something for everyone on this newest Afroheat edition from Hip-Hoppers and House Heads, to Disco Freaks and Afrobeat Connoisseurs.'