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Dressin Red - Head/Body

Dressin Red


Astral Black

Released: 26th January 2015 | 8 track leftfield/idm ep

Astral Black kicks off what's set to be a prolific year with the 'Head/Body' EP, the debut release from producer Dressin Red. Despite being a relative unknown - 20-year old, Edinburgh raised/Glasgow based, Dressin Red's productions have already earned him radio support from the likes of LuckyMe & Donky Pitch, as well as a buzz amongst his peers in the online beat community.

On 'Head/Body', Dressin Red lays out 8 tracks to introduce listeners to his versatile sound and help keep their chakras aligned. Side A, 'Head', contains 4 tracks tailored especially to resonate with the frequencies connected to the listeners thinking vessel. Whilst Side B, 'Body' provides 4 tracks sculpted to vibrate the waves surrounding the listeners core. Made largely from field recordings, manipulated samples of his own voice and recorded instruments (with lashings of heavily chopped r&b accapellas for good measure) this EP may be the most accomplished project Astral Black have released to date.

From the sombre chords of '1Three', to the frantic acoustic Guitar chops on 'Ruff' and the pounding percussion and euphoric pads on 'Body Plan' (as seen tearing up the Boiler Room during Jon Phonics' set late last year) - the many textures found on this project will undoubtedly leave you asking where this exciting young producers creativity will lead him to next.

"Beautiful release."
The Blessings, LuckyMe/Rinse FM
"Both Viennetta and Rude Boy are stand outs. We'll def give the EP support on January's radio show, support guaranteed!"
Grinel, Donky Pitch / Sub FM
"yess I luv it it's all super original& creative. it's my fav thing of 2015 so far"
Joe Marinetti, LuckyMe/Rinse FM
Bobby Tank, MoFo HiFi Records
"Well into 'Body Plan', just putting it out there."
Sivey, Soulection
"Love this!"
Tim Parker, NTS/Donky Pitch
"So good, I wonder how many marriage proposals he will get once this is released."
DJ Milktray, Goon Club All Stars/Astral Black/Rinse France/LuckyMe
"Ethereal, forward thinking electronic wonders"
Chris C., Love Is Noise Blog