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Jaisu - A Long Player
Vinyl LP
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A Long Player

Astral Black

Released: 27th April 2015 | 12 track alternative rap/hip-hop ep

Astral Black proudly present Jaisu's 'A Long Player', the much anticipated follow up to his 2013 EP 'A Short Album'. Since then, the Edinburgh-based production mystic has produced numerous tracks on albums from Big Twins (Infamous Mobb/Mobb Deep) & LA-legend LMNO, as well as working with production team The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (the group responsible for Rick Ross' Maybach Music series and hits from Drake & Lil' Wayne). Coupled with his existing production credits for the likes of Danny Brown, Tony Yayo & Maxsta, Jaisu now boasts a production resume worthy of the praise it has long received from his peers (9th Wonder, Alchemist etc.)

'A Long Player' is Jaisu's vinyl debut and consists of 12, meticulously crafted instrumentals. Each one stitched together in the MPC 2000XL using numerous, expertly selected, sample sources. 'Suite In G Minor League' & 'Jump Around' both explore the '3 beats in 1' concept introduced on 'A Short Album', whilst 'Mrs. Blue Sky' & 'HaHa' hint at the early, hard hitting production style that first caught listeners attention. Meanwhile 'Drum Circle' & 'Satellite' introduce an up-tempo side to Jaisu's sound that is positively up lifting.

DJ support so far comes from LuckyMe's Eclair Fifi, Plasitican, LeftO & Bok Bok and proves that Jaisu's individual brand of Hip-hop production has the ability to crossover and resonate with listeners of a diverse range of genre's.

"i love Jaisu he is my hero"
Cashmere Cat, LuckyMe/GOOD Music
"Jaisu is one of my favourite producers"
Novelist, XL Recordings/The Square
"This is amazing"
Bok Bok, Night Slugs/Rinse FM
"Jaisu's music is like a gut punch of emotion...the dopest."
Budgie, Wildheart/Livin Proof
"Legendary! Forever an inspiration."
K15, WildOats/WotNot
"really really good - played the Whussamadda track at our SXSW show. Will definitely support on Rinse next time I’m on too!"
Martyn Flyn, LuckyMe/The Blessings
"More vibey and composed than previous releases, still bangers tho!"
LeftO, Brownswood/Blue Note/BBE