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Bushido - Grandmaster Cash
12" Vinyl


Grandmaster Cash

Astral Black

Released: 8th April 2016 | 4 track garage ep

Up next to bat for the Astral Black label is Glasgow's Bushido and he looks set to hit his debut 4-track EP straight out the park. Over the past 18 months Bushido's playful, dance-hall infused take on UK club-music has built a steady reputation, with his soundcloud page showcasing a blaze of radio rips lifted from 1xtra, Rinse & NTS. His Beach Stage set at last years Outlook Festival was picked by The Daily Street as their personal highlight and his collaborations with label-mate DJ Milktray & contributions to releases from Liminal Sounds & LuckyMe's 14/15 advent calendar have picked up DJ support from the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Mssngno & Nina Las Vegas as well as press from the likes of The Fader & FACT.

On 'Grandmaster Cash', Bushido turns in 4 sweltering, hyper-tropical, club tracks - the arpeggiated cowbells & vocal chops of opener 'Palm Trees' sounding like you've hit the jackpot on a fruit machine. 'Palm Trees' has become a firm favourite in sets from the likes of Mr Mitch & Murlo and its clear to see why. The sino-centric 'Cherry Blossom' is up next, it's half-step breakdowns offering some mild respite before culminating in an arsenal of pan-flute chops & triplet hi hats. The mavado-sampling 'Just Us' rings out at the top of side B, a stripped back offering of anthemic vocal-chops, 808 kicks, sub bass and rim shots. Finally, leaving the B'more bounce of Boxed-favourite 'Jersey' to seal the deal.

"Been playing this one out for a while...Jersey is a banger!"
Famous Eno, Mixpak/Swing Ting
"Tremendous, will support on rinse this weekend."
Martyn Flyn, LuckyMe/Rinse FM
"Awesome EP!"
Constant Gardner, Pigeons & Planes
"Whole EP is Gas on toast. Palm Trees is a skanker - will definitely be stocking!"
Zha, White Peach
"This is dope - 'jersey' is bugged out!"
Kidkanevil, RBMA/Project Mooncircle
"Find it hard not to play at least two off it whenever i'm playing out tbh"
DJ Milktray, Astral Black
"Hot! Been playing 'Palm Trees' for aaages u should buy it and play it for ages too"
Shriekin, Local Action/Black Link
"A really good record, 'Palm Trees' is the one."
Tom Lea, Fact Mag/Radar Radio/Local Action
T_A_M, Coyote Records/Tuff Wax
"Dope! 'Just Us' is my favourite"
Big Dope P, Heka Trax/Activia Benz