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Creep Woland - Close Reading

Creep Woland

Close Reading

Astral Black

Released: 31st March 2017 | 14 track leftfield/idm ep

Glasgow's Creep Woland offers up his ritualistic debut for transformational-cult-cum-record label; Astral Black.

'Close Reading' is an undiluted homage to what makes Woland's influences great, resulting in a sound soaked in the best the sheleves of a 00's Rub-a-Dub had to offer. Dripping in the richness of early dubstep, outsider House, jungle & UKG. 'Ttend2Thatt' & 'Duckin' showcase the young producers love for the trunk-rattling sounds of Memphis Slab music, whilst '0141 S.F.S.G' & '703 OVRCST' are tracks cultivated whilst hiding away in a city where it's always f*ckin raining. 'Roundz' 'Lychee Slice' & 'Sepukku' are where Creep's holding the real dub pressure though, weighty, to the point and executed to perfection.

"this is FIRE been enjoying a lot!"
Tim Parker, NTS/2020
"Neck' is a banger!"
Tarquin, Rinse FM/Boxed
"This is dope!!! Will play seppuku rmx & lychee slice a lot!"
Big Dope P, Moveltrax/Local Action