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Homegrown Syndrome - Confrontation
7" Vinyl
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Homegrown Syndrome


Athens Of The North

Released: 23rd October 2015 | 2 track disco single

Homgrown Syndrome is a strong 2 sided major label banger that has been heavily in demand (therefor expensive) for the last 8 or so years. A banging disco funk A side flipped with a deep quality 70s soul stepper, it's a no brainer. Tip for O.G heads: go for the Canadian press as they are vinyl and have the DOPE flip.


Homegrown Syndrome actually derived from the group Home Grown Funk...which originated from Memphis, Tennessee. We moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1977 where we met and worked with Ike Turner for 3 years, we were featured on his album The Edge with the song Party Vibes. The original drummer (Steve Potts) and bass guitarist (Leon Aldridge) moved back to Memphis and we replaced them with LA area musicians...

While playing free concerts for radio station KACE FM we were approached by Perry Kibble a member of the group A Taste Of Honey (keyboards) he loved the group and he wanted to get together to see if we could do some recording. He took a cassette of our music to Larkin Arnold at Arista (Larkin signed A Taste Of Honey to Capitol Records) and secured us a record deal. There was one stipulation, they wanted us to change the name to Homegrown Syndrome.

At Arista we recorded and released the single Confrontation written and produced by Perry Kibble who also produced the B-Side Just You And Me Babe written (and shared lead vocals with me) by drummer Larry Cotton.

And as luck would have it, Larkin left Arista and went to Columbia Records 2 weeks after he signed us so we were left hanging in limbo. The only thing Arista did was release the record with no promotion and the rest is history. After Arista we went back to our original name

Home Grown Funk. The members were:

Jerry Jones - Lead Vocals

Alvin Potts - Keyboards

James Lewis - Lead and rhythm guitar

Norman Avery - Rhythm & Lead guitar

Bill Pittman - Bass guitar

Larry Cotton - Drums and Lead vocals

We eventually parted ways and I continued on as a solo artist signing to Mercury Records and releasing the 12 record Mysterious and Sexy written by myself and Ernest Williamson and co-produced with Ronald (Khalis) Bell of Kool And The Gang...

Jerry Jones (Vocalist with Homgrown syndrome)