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Ray Barretto - Pastime Paradise
7" Vinyl
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Ray Barretto

Pastime Paradise

Athens Of The North

Released: 11th December 2015 | 2 track disco single

Stone cold classic, although Pastime Paradise has been reissued a couple of time on compilations every single reissue has used the rocky LP version which is not nearly as good as the original 7 cut. As we at Athens of the North like to do things right we went back to the Sony Tape vault and had the 7 version transferred for the first time since the O.G 45 was cut. This 45 sounds fantastic, much stronger then the O.G 45 cut so it's a no brainer. On the flip we took one of our favourite track from the LP and introduced it to 7 for the first time, Mambotango is a dreamy sountracky latin disco number I used to spin on warm up duty, very new York.