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The Vanishing System - Krylon Worlds
10" Vinyl
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The Vanishing System

Krylon Worlds

Altered Vibes

Released: 18th April 2005 | 2 track single
Take a melody and a beat, add jazz harmonies, inebriated vocals and a hip hop aesthetic, and you're half way to imagining the Vanishing System sound. Drunken beatnik jazz-hop with attitude might come some way to explain matters further, but for this dynamic duo, it's all about respecting their roots. In a world where many fans of r&b and hip hop fail to make the connection between Beyonce and The Chilites, or A Tribe Called Quest and Eugine McDaniels for example, Jason Todd and MC Epcot Centre are taking rap back to the source to explore it's jazz origins. Todd comes off like a latter day Gil Scott Heron on 'Krylon Worlds' with the kind of lyrics that Sun Ra would've appreciated had he still been around. The instrumentation throws a net over a whole heritage of the music. You can hear Les McCann, DJ Shadow, Mark Murphy and, of course, 100 Strong, within that Vanishing sound. The pair offer a twisted take on both hip hop music and its heritage. With a sense of humour, a political conscience, and some of the funkiest beats known to man, these guys rock with skill everytime. Look out for the debut LP, soon come on Altered Vibes/Battersea Park Music.'
"?This should by rights be one of the biggest underground tunes of 2004?"
Straight No Chaser
"?Damn hot spacejazz swingtime ting. Space remains the place 5/5?"