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Released: 1st December 2014 | 6 track ambient ep

Nopitchonair' is an ambient-based electronic musician, belonging to a Korean-local label 'ADDVALUER' known for young, innovative and various identities. Actually, he had nothing to do with electronic music. Not satisfied with his early works and inspired by other members of addvaluer, he looked for another way and tried working differnt pieces. As time goes on, he began to find his own sound without systematic methodology, his unintended try led to seeking for sound itself and got closer to ambient-drone. Speaking of these tracks, 'nopitchonair' causes mystique, tension and sense of space through irregular synthesizer use and various sound effects, which make us feel like we're traveling to different places such as a darkroom, a cave, a highland filled with mystrious wind. The subgenres of electronica haven't settled in Korea yet, but some young, talented musicians are trying to make a movement. As the one of them, nopitchonair has been paid attention and sustainedly produced more deep, mature works.