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Daojia - Riego Street
12" Vinyl
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Riego Street

Awkward Movements

Released: 2nd April 2012 | 2 track techno single
***LIMITED FIRST PRESS IN HAND STENCILLED SLEEVES*** Often seen darting about with the Electrikal 26k Soundsystem and involved in several Edinburgh nights, there's been no sleep on the schedule for the young Scottish producer Daojia. An early version of 'Riego Street' was thrown up as free download nearly two years ago, doing the rounds among DJs and heads ever since. The track has now been given a long overdue reversioning, mastering and vinyl press for release on Awkward Movements. If that wasn't enough, this release is backed up by a brand new remix from Scan 7. The shadowy Scan 7 collective led by Detroit techno legend Trackmasta Lou need no introduction, with careers that coincide with the rise of techno. Through live analogue shows and an underground ethos built around releases on labels such as Underground Resistance, F Communications and Tresor, as well as Lou's own Cratesavers International imprint, Scan 7 are an uncompromising force in the world of electronic music. Taking the original sounds of Riego Street and refitting it in their own militant form with a driving analogue beat, layered percussion and techno originality, their amazing rework creates a collision of styles on this transatlantic hook-up that sees the first Scan 7 remix in over 5 years 'Riego Street Dub' sees Daojia revisiting the track that made a name for himself. Surgically complex it's unique combination of musical elements make for big system listening. A beautifully clean structure weighed in bass but flowing across whole scales of hypnotic string and keyboard sounds.