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Shareholder Tom - Wanna Dance EP
12" Vinyl
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Shareholder Tom

Wanna Dance EP

buro 9 music

Released: 6th June 2011 | 3 track ep
With the song Wanna Dance Shareholder Tom is now presenting a title that comes along in the tradition of a classic 70s disco floor-shaker. Actually, the song was written in 1993 and already appeared at that time in an early, far from mature version - in those days on the Unique Records label located in Düsseldorf. Today I have the opportunity to make the song sound as I originally wanted to. So I decided to produce that song again renewed from the ground up, says Berghaus. The B-side of the EP is equipped with an unusual cover version of the Capitol's classic Cool Jerk . This tune was one of the first soul songs that got the then 16 year old boy into afro-american soul music - a passion that is unbroken to this day. According to the multi-instrumentalist Berghaus, it was high time for the song to be carried into the new millennium. Finally there's the song Ishaga - a lively track with flickering afro-inspired analog synthesizer-sounds and jazzy transverse flute.