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Markey Funk - Soul of Technopolis

Markey Funk

Soul of Technopolis


Released: 22nd March 2010 | 2 track beats & breaks single
Musician/producer/DJ/turntablist/crate-digger and music-archivist Markey Funk is a staple of the Jerusalem underground music scene. Starting off as a hip-hop and funk DJ, his musical palette has grown constantly wider and deeper, embracing everything between tropicalia, psychedelia and modern day broken-beats. His dedication and vision has taken him from producing bedroom beats into collaborations with some of Israel's leading hip-hop and funk artists, such as Sagol 59 (J-Dub records), Bangladeath, Coolooloosh and his close-knit friends Radio Trip (whom he remixed for Jalapeno records), as being The Apples' permanent support DJ on their live shows. His debut release for Botanika records consists of two delicate and astutely crafted beat explorations, not far removed from the cosmic slop of Sa-Ra or DJ Spinna's Dilla tributes. Soul of Technopolis combines moog inspired electronics with a bumpy 100 bpm hip hop beat, lead by a spaced-out jazzy melody. Its' flipside, Cissy Mechanics, starts off in even deeper and almost atmospheric territories, combining traces of exotica and psych with a funky breakbeat that turns up mid-way through.