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Polar Pair - Hip Shakin Mama
12" Vinyl
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Polar Pair

Hip Shakin Mama


Released: 16th April 2012 | 3 track deep house single

Hip Shakin Mama EP is a 300-copy, strictly vinyl release, which precedes the forthcoming Polar Pair album. The common thread of the EP is an old-school-meets-new-school approach. All the tracks draw their inspiration from classic moments in dance musicâ'¬'¢s history, while applying an up-to-date sound and production. The A side is Hip Shakin Mama - essentially a jacking house tune, with deep pulsating bass, sprinkles of post-punk guitars, and a soulful, cheekily treated vocal sample. The B side features two remixes of tracks from the forthcoming album, from highly respectful producers: garage hero Zed Bias contributes a vintage 2 Step dub monster, while Amsterdamâ'¬'¢s purveyors of the deep Juju&Jordash came up with a tremendous proto-house/new beat hybrid. * Hot remixes by Juju & Jordash and Zed Bias

* Support so far from Philip Sherburne, Rag & Bone, Red Rack'em, Dirk Rumpff, XLR8R, Feel My Bicep, Junior Boys, Andy Blake, HRDVISION

"the original version sounds amazing on vinyl, i reckon it'll be the one i play mos"
Andy Blake, DJ
"really nice, love the zed bias remix as well!"
HRDVISION, DJ/Producer (Gigolo DE)
"I love the Juju & Jordash version, and the Zed Bias mix sounds great as well"
Philip Sherburne, DJ/Music Journalist
"Zed Bias dub played on last weeks show :)"
Rag & Bone
"Thanks a lot. The juju jordash mix is my favourite. Will play it for sure"
Dirk Rumpff, Radio
"it's awesome I'll play it tons. the first remix is great too."
Jeremy Greenspan (Junior
"a synth’d out beast, melted to the drums by a super strong vocal ripping right the way through it. The flip is also pretty tasty, a much housier and deeper remix by Juju & Jordash, one to get lost in!"
Feel My Bicep, Uber Blog