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Polar Pair - Remix EP Pt. 2: The Experience Club

Polar Pair

Remix EP Pt. 2: The Experience Club


Released: 20th May 2013 | 3 track deep house ep

Following the release of the Polar Pair album late last year, here's a quality pack of remixes for six tracks, divided to three parts.

Part 2takes the tempo down a notch and a couple of miles high into the stratosphere. Generation Bass' maestro,Sabbo,treatsNot Realwith a heavy stomping beat, which sounds new as much as it brings to mind classic Leftfield tracks.

The second remix here is by Botanika's Bunny on Acid, now adopting a new moniker,Grá, that matches his deep and intricate sound, with a new album coming soon on Studio Rockers. He's take on album opener,Let's Go, is a dubby trip through reverberating spaces and a disjointed 808 beat that holds it all together.