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Released: 29th July 2013 | 3 track indie pop ep

Izabotanika is a special collaboration between artists on the Botanika roster, and Izabo, the Israeli psychedelic-middle-eastern-indie-pop-disco band, who even took an unlikely part in the 2012 Eurovision contest. This is also our first hook up with Anova, the label that shares much of our vision but applies to more guitar-centric music.

The collaboration galvanized in remixes form, with each Botanika artist taking Izabo'sSummer Shadeto a different conclusion. Grá, (aka Isaac Finley, who recorded previously as Bunny on Acid) took the tough love approach, emphasising the drums and placing them in a swinging, syncopated, solid bass frame.

Markey Funk picked up on the psychedelic thread and unraveled a full blown mind expanding acid trip, late 60's style.

And finally, NDV let the original song stay a bit too long on the beach, resulting in a hazy, sun stroked late summer lament.