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Polar Pair - Star

Polar Pair



Released: 25th November 2013 | 3 track nu-disco single

Staris the final single from Polar Pair's last album. It's a magical piece of dance nostalgia, both musically and lyrically, as the song portrays three generations of dancefloor culture through the eyes of an imaginary disco diva who lived through the hey-day of dance culture and reflects on the changing of the guard. The staggering voice that delivers the poignant lyrics with great emotional depth is Anat Spiegel, a vocal artist based in Amsterdam and one half of the Controllar art pop duo.

The song is released with a mesmerizing remix by Orlogin who applies his signature post-Burial sound to great effect. And to top it off, there's also an unsettling video (by Dybbuk Studio), which gives the song a slightly unnerving, off-kilter slant.

"Exclusive debut of the video"
Vice / Noisey