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Abigail Hopkins - The Memoirs of an Outlaw

Abigail Hopkins

The Memoirs of an Outlaw

Abigail Hopkins

Released: 7th July 2008 | 12 track new folk album
Coming from a theatrical family, with both parents and maternal grandparents being actors, it was inevitable that Abigail would follow a similarly creative path. Abigail started learning to play the classical guitar at the age of seven. By the time she was twelve, she decided she wanted to become an actor and determined to make it on her own merit, did just that appearing in the films Shadowlands, Remains of The Day, A Few Selected Exits, the docudrama Elizabeth and numerous theatre performances She recorded her debut album Smile Road in 2002/3, which was described by the press as spine tingling, intriguingly alternative jazz and a warped and trippy debut. It was a heady and confusing mix of jazz, folk, trip hop and rock. Determined to keep her song writing at the forefront, Abigail then followed her debut up with the slightly softer jazz-focused album, Blue Satin Alley in 2005/6 although all the tracks still threatened to cross-over into different genres and styles. This year Abigail releases her new album through BasilicaMusic, The Memoirs of An Outlaw which is a collection of left-field folk and jazz songs about love and marginalized characters who live on the edge of life. Abigail has recorded the album with long-time music collaborator John Winfield. She plays all acoustic guitars on the album. As well as being a singer-songwriter, Abigail works as a theatre director, acting coach, and actor. She regularly gigs in Los Angeles, which is her home away from home.