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Ensemble Du Verre - Sanctuary For Animals (11 Collages)
12" Vinyl
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Ensemble Du Verre

Sanctuary For Animals (11 Collages)


Released: 19th January 2009 | 6 track ep
Remixed is available on vinyl and via download, 6 exceptional works of completely different producers and DJs coming from the fields of contemporary club music, united merely by the love for jazz music. Mixed, turned around, played and worked on was Sanctuary For Animals, Ensemble Du Verre's third and German Critic's Poll award winning album, released in February 2008 on Batterie. The start is made by Rogall with the title track Sanctuary For Animals, destilling it's oriental tools. With guitar and a heavily grooving beat he calls upon a saturday night on the Bosphorus. Energie Du Verre follows with the previously unreleased Orchestre Video. He plays a mix of traditional Brasilian elements and 70's funk, entirely in the style of his debut album United Ancestors, on which this piece can be also heard. The next ones getting going are Electro Mojo DJ and Robot Redford, giving us a fine example of how soulful drum'n bass can be. They give Just Another Thursday Morning, with the unique Ursula Rucker, everything a track requires at peak time.