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PhonoMatt - The Captain Presents - PronoMatt & Tommyboy
12" Vinyl
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The Captain Presents - PronoMatt & Tommyboy

Breakbeat Paradise

Released: 10th June 2013 | 5 track breaks ep

The Captain aka Fab Samperi is one of the hottest names in Ghetto Funk right now and we are proud to welcome him to Breakbeat Paradise Recordings to drop a monster 5-track vinyl. He's teamed up with two countrymen who share his passion for funky upbeat drum 'n' bass groovers – the Italian producers PhonoMatt & Tommyboy. If this wasn't enough they've teamed up with another ghetto funk heavy weightier: BadboE who's dropping a killer remix on the flip side of this EP.

Expect something a little different from the usual BBP business but as always funky as hell and full of attitude. The tempo is closer to drum 'n' bass but the street feel and wobbles from ghetto funk makes these jams perfect peak time bangers.

The Captain just recently dropped his first 4-track vinyl on the legendary Ghetto Funk label, which were ripped off the shelves and sold out in less than 2-month time. The Captain has previously released tunes on labels likes Resense, Tremendo & Good Groove and remixed tunes by CMC/Silenta, Ursula 1000, The Sly Players & Dj Love as well as releasing the full length album: Power Bossa on the Agogo label in 2011.

It's clear that PhonoMatt & Tommyboy is following the footsteps of their Captain and this EP shows a breath of air into the Ghetto Funk scene from a new breed of funky Italian producers.

A1. PhonoMatt & Tommyboy sets the high standard of this EP from the very beginning as they slam on a tight beat and irresistible groove on the 5 'O Clock original. The boys manages to blend elements of jazz with an uptempo drum 'n bass beat and ghetto funk wobbles.

A2. The Captain picks up the pieces from 5 'O Clock original and show us exactly why he's so successful in the Ghetto Funk scene. A tight production and flawless arrangement running at a smashin' 178 bpm makes it easy to mix things back into a hiphop tempo.

A3. PhonoMatt get busy on the final track on the A-Side, where he takes hooks from the godfather of funk himself and slams it into this ghetto groovin' type drum n bass thang. It doesn't get any funkier than this!

B1. The boys are back together in the production cockpit on the flip side, where they make the funk xrated as they like it. More big uptempo beats and smooth hip hop hooks is in the place on the XXX Funk jam.

B2. Labelowner and ghetto funk icon BadboE takes on the challenge of the uptempo party grooves by flippin' it into a moombahton, funky type reggaeton arrangement. Raw elements of ghetto funk and hip hop flows should make the dance floors sweat on this final jam of the EP.