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DJ Rudd - We Can Get It On EP
12" Vinyl
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DJ Rudd

We Can Get It On EP

Breakbeat Paradise

Released: 5th November 2012 | 4 track breaks ep

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is proud to introduce yet another talented artist to the BBP crew. DJ Rudd is an established DJ and producer from Latvia, where he's leading the funky breaks/mashup scene, doing shows with names like A-Skillz, Featurecast, Nightmare on Wax to name a few.

Rudd's oldskool type of funky breaks was a perfect match for BPP, who was quick to get Rudd on board, when they first heard Rudd's successful Funky Breakout EP on BigM Records. This became the beginning of a prosperous teamwork set out to design this amazing EP of 4 state-of-the-art funky bangers. Track by track and sample by sample they worked their way through, in order for this EP to be as great as possible. The result is nothing less than a masterpiece of classic funky breaks - with all the right elements including well-balanced use of modern day wobble basslines.

From Motown to BBP and straight onto your turntables - yet another awesome EP going out on wax by Breakbeat Paradise Recordings. We wanna thank all the vinylheadz for keeping it real and continuing to DJing and buying wax!