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Laptop Funkers - Ready To Rumble EP (feat. Dynamite MC)
12" Vinyl
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Laptop Funkers

Ready To Rumble EP (feat. Dynamite MC)

Breakbeat Paradise

Released: 30th September 2013 | 6 track beats & breaks ep

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is proud to welcome and brand new act Laptop Funkers from Portugal. They came out of nowhere with whole trunk of funk so funky that BBP just couldn't help but signing these boys on for a debut 12 vinyl release.

So here they are with the 6-track bad boy Ready To Rumble EP with an explicit oldskool funk sound that we immediately fell in love with here on BBP.

Ready to Rumble EP features the legendary jungle/hip-hop Dynamite MC known from his early jungle tunes with Roni Size and recently featuring on Krafty Kuts latest album.

You're in for some big grooves, funky street beats and classic party rocking jams on this badass 12 vinyl. Where else can you find germs like these but right here on BBP...;

A1. Soul Feel Free Laptop Funkers kicks off the EP with the teasing finger-snapping Soul Feel Free - all spiced up with some skillfully chopped up vocal samples. Easy funky jam with a laidback groove.

A2. Ready to Rumble feat. Dynamite MC Things are picking up on the second cut on the EP which features some fresh vocal hooks from the one and only Dynamite MC on top of classic funky groove.

A3. We're Having a Party

The party goes on as the a-side concludes with the oldskool latin groover We're Having a Party. With this funky jam you're be sure to rock the party all night long...;

B1. New York Funk

The flip side starts out with an undeniable funky groove from a classic soul jam. The catchy funky piano hook and steady rocking beats makes this one of the top tunes on this EP.

B2. The World Today

The soulful grooves flows on the laidback The World Today featuring some great electro solos and catch horn sections.

B3. Party Makers

Finally the party is no near over as you reach the final cut on this funky wax. Party Makers takes one of the funkies grooves to ever be recorded and slams on a funky breaks and some matching electro grooves.

All these jams has been secret gems in the BBP dj-set for a while now and we are happy to finally be able to share them with the rest of you funky DJs out there on this exclusive 12 vinyl...;