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Morlack - Chinchilla EP
12" Vinyl
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Chinchilla EP

Breakbeat Paradise

Released: 18th March 2013 | 4 track breaks ep

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is happy to welcome back Morlack, with his very first solo 12 vinyl, with 4 hot jams straights from the funky sequences of Morlack studios.

Morlack has been around for only 2 years in the funky breaks scene, but he has released more music than most other ghetto funk producers on various labels like Boogie Boutique (UK), Tru Funk (PO), Baffin Beat Brigade (US) as well as 3 digital EPs here on BBP. Morlack has a unique style and he is known and loved for his crooked samples and always spot-on ghetto funk productions and this EP shows the cream of the crop of the of the Morlack style.

Morlack is topping the digital breakbeat charts at the moment with his second full-length album For the Brothers in the Ghetto and the tracks on this EP is already getting support from international producers and DJs like BadboE (DK) and Stickybuds (US).

So get your funky grooves on and spin these 4 bad-ass tracks.

A1. Morlack drops it like it HOT on the first jam on this EP, as he takes on Snoop Dogg with a silky funky groove on the Chinchilla track. The straight-up beats and the jazzy funk flavor makes up a perfect but untraditional match to Snoop Dogg's vocals, and its sure to put a smile on any crowd once played.

A2. The second cut on the EP Cele-FUNK-tion is a classic Morlack jam, with big funky grooves and some bad-ass oldskool rap. The beats are banging 4-to-the-floor but at the same time straight up funky.

B1. On the flip side Morlack takes on Dizzee Rascal in a very funky arrangement of up-tempo ghetto grooves. The party is on and Morlack brought along some smooth disco grooves and makes them his own on the Ready Ready jam.

B2. The ghetto funk party continues on the final cut on the EP Party Time, where Morlack delivers yet another big funky groove and slams on some big bad-ass basslines. It's all about having a good time and when Morlack is in the house – you are sure to be entertained.

BBP is determined to deliver the real funk to the dancefloors and Morlack has made this possible once again.