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Brrd - Towers / Anointing
12" Vinyl


Towers / Anointing

Blueberry Records

Released: 9th September 2013 | 13 track laptronica ep

Brrd sent me a note, or a musical beacon in a very discreet small corner of the internet a few years ago. I followed it until I found as many tracks of his as I could wrap my head around. 30 tracks later and I have not had enough. Email correspondence and a few phone calls later we decided we needed to release these tunes when the time was right. That time is now and Blueberry Records in many ways has been set up to release his music on Vinyl.

One afternoon we went digging in Brooklyn and I saw a lot more then just beautiful music in Brrd. I'm pretty sure his mind is both ahead and to the side of all of ours, at all times. This first 12 of his, is old music and new but the line can be drawn between both with such ease its remarkable. There is patience and space in Embrace! which will hit you directly in your heart. Dynamics in SCOCJ2 that have been sorely lacking in the post Web 2.0 world. Madness yet a clear musical message in The Anointing, a seamless looping wet pool of warmth in Erase My Future and a goodnight kiss in The Academy pt 1. Imagine a sentence here that just makes no sense at all. And another one that does.

The music speaks for itself really, and its hard to describe the exact feeling I get from it, but maybe that is what we have all been missing for a while now. Take a cue from this producers quiet approach while at the same time clearly post internet influenced music. Whatever that means.

It is with all certainty that this humble narrator emplores you to take time out of your busy day and listen to this music, you will feel rewarded of the highest order.