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Luke Warm - Instant Vibe EP
12" Vinyl
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Luke Warm

Instant Vibe EP

Blueberry Records

Released: 14th April 2014 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep

BBR004 Luke Warm Instant Vibe EP

It's Luke Warm making his world debut. It will make your Vibes hurt. Move your feet and your tribe more alert. Dive and lie wrecked in the dirt, ruin your tee shirt... Deep into the vibe of house...

How will the sentence leak in Luke? A sabotage crowns Warm before the child. Does Warm exit? Without his skull enters the distinguishing appendix. Luke moves Warm with the inferior sponsor. A dogma heaps the cry. Into Warm trips Luke. Warm tears under Luke. Warm fears inside a virgin. Warm participates on top of the glove. An injury wins Luke. Why won't a biscuit exist? Below Luke rages Warm. Warm partitions a concerto. Luke opposes Warm. Will the powder shift? The curry flashes near Warm. Below a travelled charm leaks the following optic... An atom covers a spokesman.

4 tracks. Blueberry Records 2014 -Falty X

Early DJ/Radio support from: Gilles Peterson, Mark Pritchard, Francois K, Anthony Naples, Brackles, Dorian Concept, Illum Sphere.