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Dego - Nuts!
12" Vinyl



Blueberry Records

Released: 21st July 2014 | 4 track broken beat ep

Whenever Dego releases a 12 change occurs. Music changes. Producers switch gears. Panic sets in. Tidal-wave size ripples echo throughout time forcing shapes to be thrown and bodies to be bounced. Where words alone can not convey emotions, Dego speaks through his music, healing all that are willing to open their ears. Through some bizarre twist of fate? Luck? Hard work? Dego and Blueberry Records have come together on a 12, where we believe such epic words are necessary to guide this space vessel to it's intended home - the heart and mind of the passionate music lover and the desperate soul of the everyday human seeking ascension. Opening with Nuts! the 4th quarter addition to the EP, Dego lines up the dance floor in his sights, takes aim and slays you. The play between rhythm and synth is so cold yet so hot, it's the tiger balm your dance partner has been aching for. Could Murder A Burger has made the rounds in Blueberry HQ for a little while, finally landing on this ep with it's thoughtful piano movements and load bearing bass. Could power a steam engine and serve a cup at the same time. Flip side opens with Celestian Ditton a possible ode to the hifi of yesteryear, slow burning, ever charming and romantic. Warm and embracing, analog and rolling. Closing out the EP is a remix from FaltyDL The force is strong with this one a quote from Dego himself. Paying respect to the master, maintaining integrity with added funk and scatting. Yes, scatting.