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Masaki Uchida - Noein
12" Vinyl

Masaki Uchida


Blueberry Records

Released: 10th November 2017 | 6 track leftfield/idm ep

Masaki messaged Blueberry Records Soundcloud and signed an EP within a week. I guess sending demos is still a thing.

The concept of the EP is to demonstrate all the colors in Masaki's rainbow. A truly gifted studio engineer, there are many styles in which he moves across the mixing board.

Ark and Blessing are pure sound design ticklers. As if he decided to make an updated Blue-Ray instructional soundtrack. Soaring melodies and sub bass anchors the listener is literally pinned done by the pressure and beaten with an ugly beauty unique to Masakis style.

Dolci and Ilah both radiate on the dance floor like lost dark rollers from an updated mid 90's

Estelia and Fraewnuil demonstrate the beautiful thoughtfulness Masaki also possesses. Like a hidden runout groove, Masaki leaves the listener pensive and wrapped in a warm embrace.

D x