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OOBE - Amarcord
12" Vinyl



Blueberry Records

Released: 28th July 2017 | 7 track leftfield/idm ep

Amarcord the debut vinyl from OOBE Italian New-New wave producer Yari Malaspina. OOBE stands for Out Of Body Experience. And that is the exact feeling you get when listening to these productions.

Electric guitar, house music and nostalgic experimentation come together in an unforgettable cocktail of Italian emotion. It all translates into an international language of love and violence.

Like a lost artifact from a time when motorcycles roamed the streets in a dystopian dance of demons, delight and decay.

Immerse yourself in the thick anticipation of VIRTUAL-E before the beat drops with yearning vocals. Crush Mind spins your head in circles like a mantra about the circle of Life. 1989 Summer hits you in the chest with barely audible vocals sat in the mix like a dusty record in a forgotten second hand shop. Finally closing track Amarcord and title name, send you into a deep spiral only saved by hitting the repeat button.