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Dasychira - Immolated EP


Immolated EP

Blueberry Records

Released: 13th January 2017 | 7 track leftfield/idm ep

*Dasychira is South African artist Adrian Martens living in NYC.

*Futuristic half insect half human beats with stunning vocals by New York native Embaci.

*From Martens Immolated is the product of my experience adapting to new environments without having any safety net to hold on to. I wrote this project between New York, Berlin and Johannesburg and it felt like a regenerative process, each place had a different effect on the way the music would come together. Having few points of stability forced me to sacrifice convenience for something new and unknown. Finding identity in a new home is a difficult process to define, and I wanted to explore that through the idea of an insect being analysed both physically and spiritually as their lives work in continual transient cycles. Insects have always been bizarre creatures to me, they're like living aliens that can constantly regenerate and morph themselves - and their process of physical reincarnation is parallel to my feeling of inner adaptation to restabilize myself when I find myself in a new environment. The most superstitious occurrences I've had are with insects are shrouded coincidental beauty or mystery. This superstition feels like an appendage of me very active when I make music, and I was fortunate enough to bring it alive in the compositional process and to meet wonderful people to guide it in a natural direction. Working with Dviance, Embaci and Falty DL in different locations to put this record together was a blessing, many wonderful friendships came out of this project for me.