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Johnny Pluse - how much for the monkey?
CD Album
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Johnny Pluse

how much for the monkey?

Breakdown Records

Released: 5th July 2010 | 11 track leftfield/idm album
Back with a bang and with more breakbeat bombs than than you can shake a stick at, Johnny Pluse's 'How Much for the Monkey' is finally here. Over two years in the making, 'How Much for the Monkey' is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the indelible Johnny Pluse. Having spent the last number of years honing his craft, album two sees a bigger and bolder sound from the Trim native. With guest appearances from Losers ( xfm dj eddy temple morris and tom bellamy), Folk Singer Gerry Tully and the infamous Billy Ray Fay How Much for the Monkey' is a funk fueled orgy of bass, breaks and brass from beginning to end. Thanks to Johnny Pluse, the world of Nu Funk will never be the same again. Find out how much the monkey costs for yourself; you wont be disappointed.
"out on July 7th on Breakdown Records, the album 'How Much For The Monkey' is straight banging! From the old-school live funk stylings of 'Funky Time' and the ska-hop bounce of 'Market Street Hustle' to the tearout JB funk of 'Pleasure Town' and the trip-hop shuffle of 'How Ya' - these are 11 tracks made of purest win. Managing to be varied without ever leaving the dancefloor, the grooves on this record are strong and the beats are crisp. Do yourself a favour and seek this out",
"A real mixed bag of sample-tastic, uplifting electronica."
"“Johnny Pluse has long since been one of the more original and exciting Irish producers and his overdue debut album is one of the year’s best dancefloor jams”"