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Wiley - Playtime Is Over
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Playtime Is Over


Released: 4th June 2007 | 14 track album
Wiley, the pioneer, the founding father, the maverick, the relentless innovator, releases his brand new (and possibly last) album. A blazing return to the experimental crucible of the East London music known as grime, “Playtime Is Over†offers everything that is most brutal, cutting edge, funny, clever, terrifying and moving about the sound and the world which created it. Wiley aka Eski-Boy aka Igloo-Boy is the true founding father of grime. He pioneered the music as a member of Pay As U Go Cartel, then with his crew Roll Deep Entourage and as a white label star, through which he refined the ice cold sound of eski-beat. His first album, “Treddin’ On Thin Ice†was released by XL and he produced and masterminded most of Roll Deep’s album “In At The Deep End†(Relentless). Since leaving XL he has inspired the grime world through his “Tunnel Vision†mixtapes which sell in their tens of thousands and last year he self-released his own album “2nd Phazeâ€. This album sold astounding figures without any proper distribution and “Playtime Is Over†contains three tracks from it that deserved to reach a still wider audience. Wiley is a true maverick who has recently announced that he will retire from MCing after the release of “Playtime Is Over†and the grime world would be an infinitely poorer place without the many stories and legends the man has inspired…