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Allison Chanic - Painlessly in Love

Allison Chanic

Painlessly in Love

Bedouin Records

Released: 25th April 2014 | 3 track ambient techno ep

Forthwith threnodial dreamlike instances of a sound garbed in lamentation and introspection; 'Painlessly In Love', by Allison Chanic, embodies these qualities in its avant-garde vocals, its fixed tempo of kick drums beating like mallets of temporality in the atemporal cosmos of suppressed hi-hats, dreary pads, and pitched effects. Lakker's remix treads on similar ground, retaining the vocal hum and complementing it with a heavier kick pattern and hi-hats resonating like smitten anvils, while introducing a rich sci-fi synth line that lingers in the mind pleasantly after listening. 'Realm' is as engaging as it is enigmatic, swishing about in a cauldron of disparate sonic ingredients; the constant siren-like sound begets an underlying dread; the various glitching and bursting effects embroider the track with an impressive artificial sheen, which is contrasted by the stereo whispers and spells of organic drumming.