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John Heckle - Tributes to a Sun God

John Heckle

Tributes to a Sun God

Bedouin Records

Released: 25th September 2016 | 4 track techno ep

John Heckle prostrates at the altar of Jamal Moss with four far out house expressions in Tributes to a Sun God for UAE's Bedouin Records.

Since his earliest transmissions, Heckle has been an avowed disciple of the Moss method, channelling the spirits of original Chicago and Detroit house, industrial techno and interstellar jazz with a unswerving faith to those sound.

For his first release of '16, he plays deep into that pocket with an insistent, optimistic banger named Alexandria plus an Untitled vignette of chaotic harmonics, before the B-side brings the kicks again, only at a quicker tempo and with rapidly fluctuating, eye-spinning arpeggios in Mesopotamia and in a drier, tracky formation.