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Nene Hatun - Metacommunication

Nene Hatun


Bedouin Records

Released: 25th September 2017 | 4 track techno ep

Low sunk and brooding post-techno explorations from Berlin-based Turkish artist, Nene Hatun, joining the ranks of Bedouin Records with four grim and grumbling sluggers.

A-side, she slunks out on the slow-motion wallop and drily caustic textures of Asceticism to sound like Adam X experimenting with knackered dabke, before scaling up crumbling walls of dub echo and decay in the trudging Double Bind.

B-side, Dementia emulates that effect with a swirl of chants and palpitating bass arranged into a thumping acidic EBM, then calving off into the uncanny autotune timbres and miscreant darkwave wobble of Altruism.

Excellent stuff.