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Arad - The Glimpse


The Glimpse

Bedouin Records

Released: 9th March 2018 | 6 track electronic ep

Lakker's Dara Smith already hints the topics of The Glimpse and his fascination for what's beyond the borders by releasing his latest EP on UAE's label Bedouin Records. Asymmetrical ryhthmic paths cross ambient outstretched ghost fields, and luxuriant jumper compositions support antagonistic dissonant eruptions with a center of gravity made of processed vocals lost between the intertwined levels of reality. Vocoded lullabies sing unity and relativism through their multilayered journey going from inner flows of thoughts to extraterrestrial lengths only reachable by broken transmissions broadcasted at the speed of light, but they mostly express their strong will to convey a synesthetic experience to the audience picking it up, and barely hide their underlying wish to be hypothetically answered to. That's why we can find a wide range of emotions encapsulated into The Glimpse, up to the diversity of its fundamental sonic roots ; a spontaneous mix of our flaws and skills, of our hopes and deceptions, longing to turn into an honest manifesto of the current state of the world that has the chance to be received by a distant civilization above the polluted streams of data already wasted in deep space. And eventually give us a chance to be considered as more than a curious species slowly eating itself up.