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Dez Williams - Against Your Will

Dez Williams

Against Your Will

Bedouin Records

Released: 8th June 2018 | 4 track techno ep

Dez Williams is coming back to Bedouin with a 100% solid EP. Against Your Will is a call to a wild dance ceremony. High definition sound waves and a reference to the Drexciyan world, through timeless electro beats. A sci-fi dip into our subconscious and back to the surface, where everything seems to be untouched but it will never be the same again.

Failnot sounds like a promise for a never-ending exploration of our inner selves. A quest of passion and creativity. Slow progressive broken beats stroked by ethereal pads and teasing snares. An aggressively heavy bass making love to distorted synthesisers like as if there was no tomorrow. A memory from the past, a dream told in the future and everything mixed up but it doesn't really matter. This is the intro of a never-ending tale, a challenge for our human nature.

Familiar Circumstances is like the end of the story and the start of something completely new. The sun after the storm. Circumstances which can be either favourable or unfavourable and they can generate a chain of events. A random series of events that might seem irrelevant in the beginning but, eventually,as the time passes they turn out to be a beautiful story to narrate.

Then you get lost in Hexciya, a micro-world, a floating utopia dressed up with underwater vibes for nostalgic lovers of pure Detroit electro. A subterranean scream from warriors of the dance floor. A reminiscing soundscape bringing back to life the authentic, ecstatic inner dance, when body and soul become totally synchronised. Machines and people, people and machines, all together in an eternal ceremony, like a contemporary exorcism of our demons. A manic dance where the humans become androids and androids turn into sentient beings.

Swollen is like a war dance, full of New-Detroit electro spirals, deriving from the underworld, trifling with shamanistic breakbeats like in a cathartic ritual. Nostalgic vibes ending up in tears of happiness…of wholeness.