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Constantine - Hades



Bedouin Records

Released: 25th March 2017 | 4 track electronic album

Plaintive, plangent doom sighs from the Greek underworld, recorded deep within caves on the islands of Kalymnos and Lesbos and realised in tribute to the region's ongoing refugee crisis.

Constantine Skourlis does not take his subject matter lightly in Hades, offering a heavy-as-your-life sequence of recursive, concatenated tremors and sustained levels of acoustic and electronic peril that perhaps point to the issues as both ancient and modern at the same time.

This one really is an experiential listen, the sort that may sound hackneyed on paper, but when released into the air of your listening space takes on a majestic and almost overwhelming power that's not necessarily cinematic, nor academic; but transcendent, imposing and immersive in its own sense of purpose and the way he and the ensemble conveys it.

No doubt in our minds: this is the most important release yet on Salem Rashid's Bedouin Records.