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Mr Assister - Izma / Arland Rain
12" Vinyl
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Mr Assister

Izma / Arland Rain


Released: 22nd April 2016 | 2 track house single

Older and wiser almost two years on from his tabloid-smash debut on 1-800-Dinosaur, Mr Assister winds down the tempo somewhat as the inaugural release on BEAM begins its reluctant dribble out of Assistance HQ. On the A-side, 'Izma' sits firmly within the parameters of the now infamous bongo-tsunami sound, while retaining sufficiently luscious strings to tickle any remaining hearts-on-sleeves. Meanwhile, on the bleepier 'Arland Rain', things are dragged into even chuggier territories, and should 808 hi-hats seem uncharacteristically rigid, the arrival of better-late-than-never xylophone fodder ought to assist with the appeasement of the ever-ravenous tropical crowd.

Mastered by the eminent Matt Colton.

Magical drawings provided by Nadine Kolodziey.