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Cappo & Sam Zircon - Unprogrammable Raw (Deluxe Edition)
12" Vinyl

Cappo & Sam Zircon

Unprogrammable Raw (Deluxe Edition)

Boot Records

Released: 25th August 2014 | 12 track underground rap/hip-hop ep

Hailing from Nottingham, Cappo needs no introduction as a stalwart of the Hip Hop scene worldwide. He has worked with the P Brothers and many others and has a loyal following. He teams up with the young talented producer Sam Zircon for this excursion through dusty crates facilitated by an MPC3000, S950 and a couple of tape machines. Originally released on 1 April 2013, this EP is finally seeing a vinyl release, complete with the Boot Productions remix of Iron Flyer, and a couple of the Instrumentals.

Digital download code for all tracks and all instrumentals is also included.