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Seetheroad - Starpatch EP
12" Vinyl
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Starpatch EP


Released: 26th November 2012 | 3 track techno ep

Bergerac releases are few and far between. Just 3 singles and one album since September 2010, all self penned by label boss Red Rack'em. He's pushed his hybrid sound of woozy deep house and arid bass driven garage techno into the hearts and minds of the scenes elite including Four Tet, Mike Huckaby, MCDE, Magda, Move D and Axel Boman.

The 4th release introduces a new artist and sound to Bergerac, Seetheroad is a mysterious outsider with an impeccable techno pedigree. Words are kind of useless when quality of this depth is on offer. But here goes. After years of honing his production skills, Seetheroad is ready to smash the fuck out of things with some serious heat. He synthesises most of his music from scratch. His music has already has behind the scenes props from the likes of Claude Young, Terrence Dixon and Kyle Hall. With a production aesthetic to die for, Bergerac is proud to be releasing Seetheroads debut vinyl EP.

As ever the label artwork features bespoke illustrations from German artist Silke Eiselt of significant buildings in Seetheoads life in chronological order. Side A is his parents house and Side B is the house on Cedar Road where he honed his skills.

The A side Starpatch is a rolling funky grinder. The grey machine funk evolves into a tense peak time jaw clencher as Mujahidin bongos rise out of the track and then slip back down into the abyss. Built for Berlin and already being caned by key players all over the place.

B1 Business End is what Photek could still be making if he hadn't discovered Dubstep. Garage tinged drums mix with a Buddhist temple gong bassline in an effortlessly funky workout. Is it techno? Who cares. It's hot.

The EP closes with The Miserablist. A total smasher. dedicated to a certain Detroit pioneer and yet another facet to Seetheroads take on techno. Epic end of the film vibes right here...;.