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Anna - Systems Breaking Down
12" Vinyl


Systems Breaking Down

Be With Records

Released: 28th October 2016 | 2 track industrial dance single

Originally released in 1982, Anna's cosmic coldwave bomb Systems Breaking Down is one of the most mysterious singles of the period. Remarkably, it was released on a major label - RCA - yet very little is known about the shadowy Anna.

Despite being recorded nearly 35 years ago, it still sounds strikingly vital. Both sonically relevant and lyrically prescient, it's hard to imagine a more apposite track to soundtrack the dark days we're currently occupying. A masterful study in dread, describing the gentle collapse of all structures, it is set against a backdrop of eerie, synth-heavy electronics.

Produced by 80s disco-pop mavericks Geraint Hughes and Ken Leray, the A-Side contains the epic synth-pop original, all heart-wrenching atmosphere and haunting vocals.

The B-Side wins again, however. The more uptempo 'Dance Version' is a dubbed out dark-disco tour-de-force, with cut-up vocals drifting in and out of a bassline that throbs like Carpenter's best (think Assault on Precinct 13) and a palette of head-nod minimal wave.

Both sought-after mixes have been remastered for vinyl by Simon Francis and are housed in a replica jacket of the maxi original. Outstanding.

"The sound of mascara and tears, a flood streaming black across the pale landscape of a trembling face, lovely music and, oh, so sad."
"Just picked up that Anna record. Nice nice! Had never heard it"
"Have my money"
"Ah the lovely Anna! Playing this on my next NTS show"
Apiento, Test Pressing
"A cosmic classic"
Chuggy, Emotional Response
"You beat me to it"
Josh Cheon, Dark Entries
"Amazing - thanks so much"
Jason Boardman, Aficionado
"Didn't know this until Antal Rush Hour personally messaged me to implore me to buy it"
John Gomez, Music From Memory