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The Autumn Defense - The Autumn Defense
Vinyl LP
Released: TBC

The Autumn Defense

The Autumn Defense

Be With Records

Released: TBC | 13 track blue-eyed soul album

In November 2013 we got talking to Pat Sansone and John Stirratt of The Autumn Defense after their gig at The Lexington in London. We asked them why their self-titled album hadn't come out on vinyl and they explained that they'd always wanted it to, but had never found the right time.We could do this, we suggested. We can do this on Be With Records.

Wilco offshoot The Autumn Defense originally released The Autumn Defense in 2007. It is now a lost classic. Widely considered their finest record, this soft folk-rock and chamber pop-influenced masterpiece has never been available on vinyl. Be With Records' fourth release will be the first ever vinyl issue of this sun-dappled double album.

From the Philly-soul of Feel You Now, to the baroque Estate Remains, via the bossa City Bells to the memorable Southern California sound of We Would Never Die, the record sparkles with rich melodic beauty, superb arrangements and flawless playing. Put simply, its craft is so assured and its sonic textures so lush, that it wouldn't have sounded out of place coming from Elektra Records in 1970.

Over the last year we've worked closely with the band on this limited edition pressing. The vinyl was mastered by Bob Weston from Shellac at the world-famous Chicago Mastering, and Pat has produced new artwork based on the designs used for the original CD release. The album now lives in a 12x12 gatefold sleeve alongside a full-colour lyric poster insert. This is how it should've been done at the time – we're finally putting that right.

"This is the record we set the label up to do and it’s taken us a year to bring to fruition. It sums up everything we wanted to do with the label; bringing light to greatness by putting it on vinyl!"
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