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Pink Rhythm - India
12" Vinyl

Pink Rhythm


Be With Records

Released: 10th August 2018 | 4 track electro-funk ep

You'd think that following Melodies Of Love would be an impossible task. Not so, if you happen to be genius Brit-Funk pioneers John Rocca and Andy Stennett. On their more understated - yet, pound for pound, stronger - second record, Pink Rhythm stretched out to create a 4 track EP of richly melodic, exquisite beauty. In the process, they trumped their most well-known release.

Cruising on a funk-fuelled journey from the swaggering title track, via the blue-eyed soul of Trust Me, to the stabbing staccato synth heat of More And More and back again (India dub) this EP has ESSENTIAL seared onto its substantial grooves.