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Feather - Be Real


Be Real

Be Free Records

Released: 22nd January 2016 | 2 track soul single

Nowadays it is a very rare occasion that someone turns up a soul 45rpm single from the 1970s which is still unknown in the soul and funk 45 collectors world. However, there are exceptions and this one can definitely be considered as such one. Actually, it is shocking what beauty has missed the ears of soul and funk enthusiasts until now. Feather released their one and only 45rpm single titled Be Real b/w Trips in late 1977. Back then the band had no distribution for their record and much promotion did not happen too. It is hard to say how rare this 45 is nowadays. What is certain is that it deserves a proper, worldwide release. That's why we decided to not only put it onto the forthcoming Praise Poems 3 compilation but also to release it on a sweet 45rpm single. 400 copies pressed. Be quick, be hip. Be late, be out!