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Social Disco Club & Maia - The Way You Move
12" Vinyl
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Social Disco Club & Maia

The Way You Move


Released: 20th July 2009 | 4 track single
Portuguese based Social Disco Club (aka Humberto Matias) delivers some laid back Mediterranean spiced disco groove. 'The Way You Move' sleeks along with sultry keys, Latin groove, lazy percussion and all the flavour of an early-evening island vista. Maia adds his tastefully high catchy vocals to round off the vibe. Up on the edit is our pal Greg Wilson who re-jigs like only he can, creating a more floor based mix. The original is all about the great vocals whilst new Norwegian Disco-don DiskJokke gives us his late 80's Balearic sounding re-rub.. its Ibiza 88 all over again.. drop the deal friends.
"Wow sounds wicked, thanks!!"
Danny Howells
Danny Krivit
Richard Brophy, DJ Magazine