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Visti and Meyland - Stars
12" Vinyl
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Visti and Meyland



Released: 21st June 2010 | 3 track leftfield/idm ep
Next up from your favourite Bears is a fine appetizer for a fine album offering we have coming in July. We point our telescope towards Denmark. Scene cat DJ Peter Visti and studio wiz Jakub Meyland are in the sights. You may know them from their remarkably catchy Yes Maam (All Nite Long) track on Eskimo in 2009. The pairing now return, leading us the way to their new single Stars. The original mix takes things quite literally on a journey to the Stars. It's a builder. Layers of strummed acoustic and picked electric lead intertwine with layers upon layers of vocals (just by listening you can tell that someone was sure having fun in the studio). Things crescendo 3/4 of the way through when the disco bassline and house piano drop with the 80's stabby pads and synths. It ends up with even more layers of male vocal and an even catchier chorus. Onto the remixes. First up is Richard Norris in his Time and Space Machine cloak. He has opted for a more direct journey. This one direct to the dancefloor. He homes in on the more groove laden aspects and still manages to drop the big vocal chorus in for fine effect. Rodion and Fabrizio Mammarella join forces and put their special Latin spin on things. They go for a slow burning synth groove which builds the tension before those nifty stabby-house pianos make another appearance. Fine stuff from this new and exciting duo. The Visti and Meyland album is out on Bearfunk in July.