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Max Essa - Midnight and Dub Direction EP
12" Vinyl
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Max Essa

Midnight and Dub Direction EP


Released: 31st January 2011 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep
Japan based, multi-instrumentalist, Max Essa, has done it again for us here in the Bearfunk Forest. His splendid second album White Shoes, Blue Dreams has pleased the public and reviewers alike. The Midnight and Dub Direction EP takes some of the album's finer moments and gives them a more dance-floor friendly, dubby makeover. Midnight And A New Direction is first up with two remixes both guaranteed to fire up any party. Max's own Special Dub Mix ditches most of the vocal and puts the emphasis squarely on the rhythm track adding live bass parts and some extra synth action. Stable-mates, Visti and Meyland, contribute to the proceedings with a hypnotic, dubby, driving groove; slow, low and extremely groovy. On the flip Max delivers two more fine remixes of his own. One Night Out Of Seven (12 Dub Mix) is a more tracky proto-house reworking, chunky and sparkling at the same time. The 12 Mix of Glass Bottomed Boats takes the original 3 minutes of sand, sea and sun that is ever-so Max and turns it into an extended 8.00 minute mega mix 80's style.
"Really solid EP. Like all the tracks."
Damon Martin - Disco Bloo
"Midnight and One Night are working for me. lovely retro-modern vibes as ever from Mr Essa."
Chris Coco
"wow - is this the best Max release yet ? sounds like it to me"
Toby Tobias
"nice one on the midnight dub mix"
Jacques Renault
"Head and shoulders above the competition - stunning stuff !"
Chris Duckenfield